With a pinch of salt..

Some of us are quite passionate about embracing new ideas. Always learning new things and applying that knowledge wherever or whenever possible to improve our life experience.

So recently I was listening to an Indian yogi who advised that drinking warm water with some honey is hugely beneficial to the body going so far as to say this practice will also burn fat! So I jumped in. Had a warm glass of water with some honey first thing in the morning instead of my beloved cup of tea.

It was all good. I went for my morning walk soon after and got back early because it started to rain. And that was just providence! As soon as I reached home, I started developing this dull headache which soon blew up into a thundering migraine. It was 2pm when I finally recovered…the best part of my day was over.

So what happened? I did some research, and guess what? Some people do get this reaction when they change their routine..especially to drink water early morning. Of course, everyone can get over this soon enough. The trick is to ease yourself into new things. Don’t rush. Start with a few sips of water and your regular tea or coffee. Gradually increase water and try to get rid of the tea altogether (if that is your goal).

Anything is possible. Mind over matter. I am happy to say my tea addiction is being conquered. In the video below, I have given a journal entry for my day of 23 July 2020.

Hope you will enjoy watching it and learn and laugh with me.

Watch “Journal – Breaking habits, Book of the Day and Yogic wisdom” here:

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